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Buying a home is stressful and time-consuming, and can significantly affect your employees’ wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Merge maintains their productivity and boosts engagement by reducing their worry and time spent on house-buying and moving.

By offering Merge’s comprehensive support as an employee benefit, you can:

Make homebuying faster, cheaper and easier for your employees, whether they are first-time buyers or stepping up the property ladder

Help staff access streamlined, quality products and services

Invest in their futures by helping them get on or up the property ladder

Fill the education gap with tools and step-by-step guides to house-buying and moving

Enhance your benefit proposition with a unique and innovative way to reward employees

Boost staff recruitment and retention

Improve engagement and productivity through better financial and emotional wellbeing

Merge gives your employees

Time and money savings
Help employees access mortgages, professional services, preferential rates and deals, and house purchase guidance and education — all in one place

Streamline the house-buying and moving process with everything your employees need on one platform

Users access all the services they need with a simple voucher system

Reliable services
We have handpicked providers and merged them onto one platform to bring your employees reliable, market-leading services tailored to their needs

Less stress and hassle
Having reliable services, guides and tools such as mortgage calculators all in one place gives your staff peace of mind

Your employees can stay informed about all the steps in their journey and understand what’s happening, when and why. Merge includes step-by-step guides and tools on topics such as choosing locality, house searches, insurance, conveyancing, stamp duty, removals, and mortgage deals, brokers and advice

The productivity gains from Merge should make its small one-off charge an easy decision for your business. To discuss how you can supercharge returns from your employee benefits, enquire now.

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